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The Artisanal Approach to Luxury Travel in Japan

Just like a tailor-made suit is designed to perfectly fit only one person on a specific occasion, our approach to luxury travel design is to craft the perfect one-of-a-kind trip for the travel connoisseur. With years of expertise in the travel industry and deep connections to the world of traditional Japanese culture, we have the know-how and connections to plan the ultimate journey to Japan tailored to your clients’ specific requirements.

Ichi-go Ichi-e : A once in a lifetime encounter 

The tea ceremony ritual may seem similar each time it is performed, but the many elements featuring at a tea ceremony -tea cups, sweets, room decorations such as flowers and hanging scrolls, conversation among guests- are never the same, leaving guests with a special and unique feeling in their hearts each time they leave the tearoom.

Like a sommelier picking the perfect wine for each guest’s taste and occasion, we take the same approach: as each guest is different, no trip is the same as the other.

Like a perfect cocktail, we balance all elements to deliver the perfect experience in the best possible way. 

Beyond The Holiday: Japan Travel as a journey of discovery

Instead of simply designing holidays, we create journeys through the many cultural aspects of Japan. Walk the long path of discovery, starting from the surface and going deeper day by day, through a wide range of meaningful experiences and enriching encounters.

Journeys to Japan designed by Bespoke Japan Travel are intended to be just the start of the journey to self discovery.

When one finds a good restaurant, they tend to become regular customers, visiting often to try different dishes on the menu, enjoy their many variations, and see how the ingredients change throughout the seasons. 

When one finds an artist they like, they will follow their work and exhibitions throughout time.

Similarly, our objective is to have our guests feel that their trip to Japan is the start of their Japan discovery. 

Japan may look small on the world map, but is a 3,000 km long archipelago offering the most diverse landscapes, cultural treasures and experiences.

Seeing our guests becoming fascinated with Japan’s rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage and making them want to visit again to focus on the many different aspects of this culturally rich land is our ultimate success.

Insider access to Japan's most authentic Cultural experiences

While known for being extremely technologically advanced, Japan is also very attached to its traditions. 

A rare case of a country managing to keep its very original and authentic cultural core, while wrapping it into a westernized box.

A consequence of this is that many travellers only manage to experience the surface of Japanese society and culture, lacking the tools to reach the depth and complexity of its core. 

Travel connoisseurs will benefit enormously from our network of connections, allowing us to arrange meaningful encounters and experiences providing an enriching perspective on Japan’s culture, opening doors to places and connecting our guests to experts that will give a more complete picture and understanding of Japanese society.

Ultimately, we provide authentic moments of serendipity that make our guests feel truly connected with the locals and allow them to see Japan through the many perspectives provided by each encounter and experience.

Japan Travel the kyoto way

While we make travel arrangements throughout all areas of Japan, Bespoke Japan Travel is based in Kyoto, a city with a long history of over 1,200 years, and for many centuries the capital of Japan, home to the Imperial court and nobility.

Throughout the centuries, Kyoto’s nobles and their courts engaged one another in an endless challenge to exhibit their love for art, fine crafts, beauty and refined entertainment.

As a consequence, Japan’s best artisans, artists and entertainers made Kyoto their home, dedicating their lives to a never-ending refinement of their arts, fine crafts, cuisine and performances.

From tea ceremonies to performing arts, from luxury fabrics to lacquerware and pottery, from poetry to refined banquets, from flower arrangement to archery, each discipline, with its many varieties, has been preserved throughout the centuries, and each generation made it slowly and skilfully develop one step further.

Preservation and development of tradition are still at the core of Kyoto’s spirit: not only preserving the art and discipline as they are but slowly yet endlessly making them compatible with the changing of times.

Not only keeping the tradition alive but making sure it remains contemporary.

As a Kyoto-based company, Bespoke Japan Travel uses this approach for all guests, making travel arrangements and cultural discovery an artfully crafted experience, as a Kyoto artisan would do.

In an era of mass tourism, with Kyoto and Japan facing an exciting yet challenging wave of popularity, we aim to bring the Kyoto way in all our travel arrangements, granting foreign travellers unparalleled access to the ancient Japanese traditions, but always doing so in a sustainable, respectful and meaningful way, in order to enrich both the guest and the host.

Why travel with Bespoke Japan Travel?


Insider Access

We provide access to places that cannot be accessed without special connections or insider knowledge.


Cultural Understanding

We offer unparalleled cultural understanding and discovery, offering enlightening perspectives on Japan and its cultural heritage.


Orchestrating Serendipity

We providing serendipitous moments, valuable encounters and enriching experiences throughout the trip.


Ultimate Flexibility

A fully tailor-made approach: crafting experiences upon traveller's needs, making details count, selecting the ideal guide match. The experiences we deliver are never the same.

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